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At Zero Gravity Agency, we build and scale digital products through user acquisition and monetization for exponential traction and massive revenue growth.

Graphic Design and Branding

Branding establishes a reputation that leads to trust and loyalty, an investment that will increase the lifetime value of each customer. We’ll create a Brand Style Guide, with logos, fonts, color schemes, aesthetic styles, use cases, and messaging, to be used across your brand’s physical and digital presence.

An increase in customer retention of just 5% can increase profits by 25-125%
See 43% higher annual returning revenue at year 5 and 118% higher at year 10
The chance of converting a new prospect may be 5% to 20%
Converting an existing customer is much easier, at a rate of 60%-70%

Case study

Launched in 2016, The Science of Social Media is Buffer’s weekly podcast for small businesses. With a 4.5 star rating in iTunes, Buffer was highly invested in retaining and growing their podcast subscribers with a new look that would better convey the value of data shared in The Science of Social Media. Since their rebranding, the podcast listenership has grown from 20-30K weekly, a 66% year-over-year increase in weekly listeners.

Web Design and Development

We have the capacity to design and code websites to fill any project’s scope, including robust back-end builds to drive user engagement and data collection, including e-commerce, technical integrations across platforms, and more.

of people base their trust in a business on the design of its website
of potential buyers research you online before making their purchase

Case study

For German fashion retailer Quelle, we designed an e-commerce platform that allowed users to form groups around their favorite brands and interact with a professional stylist within those groups. With a one-year pilot, we attracted 56K subscribers, saw 67K engagements, and generated 700 sales per month worth an ave of $328 each.

Social Media Content Production

Social media is a constantly evolving method for reaching new audiences, building loyal followers, and generating product awareness. Let us create content that pays for itself and gather measurable insights to drive your online sales.

of consumers prefer to learn about products through good content
spend time following content from a brand they’re interested in
of the top marketing managers measure their campaign ROI
Compared to 56% of the bottom performers

Case study

A popular sports brand (NDA) sponsored a cross-country charity run for which they needed to enroll 5000 participants. With our 1 month social media campaign, including video and still posts, we not only enrolled 5000 participants, but we saw 15.5K additional website visits and 7.9K app installs.

Interactive Content

Want customers to share your message? Put it in a video. Video for social media has a 1200% higher share rate than text and images combined. Want customers to retain your message? Put it in a video! 95% of consumers remember video content vs. only 10% who read your content.

Marketers who use video grow revenue 49% faster than non-video users
Video increases landing page conversions by up to 80%

Case study

With our first video in the Teens Teach Tech series for data security company AnchorFree, we reached 1.8M+ organic views in just under one month, with 9% of subscribers sharing the video.

Influencer Relationship Management

Let us find the right influencers to transform potential leads to customers. We’ll negotiate a performance-based contract so you know exactly what you’re getting and how much it’s worth to your bottom line.

of consumers report purchasing an item after seeing it used by an influencer
of consumers rely on influencer recommendations as part of their purchasing process

Case study

Our bootstrapped client (NDA) was missing their user acquisition goals and needed influencers but lacked the funds to pay them. We identified 12 micro influencers excited to spread the word in exchange for hosting a weekly mastermind exclusive to them as ‘Brand Ambassadors.’ The Brand Ambassador Program increased weekly active users on the platform by 4X over our one-month campaign.

A/B Testing

We will tailor your content to the target audience before it’s launched to the broader public, increasing conversions from day one. In under a week, we can A/B test messages, images, videos, landing pages, ads, and any branded asset you need to deliver sales.

Brands that use data-driven personalization, determined through A/B testing, see an increase in ROI of up to 20% through consistent application

Case study

Dobry Berry Juice (a Coca Cola brand) wanted to find the top ten juice combinations loved by the public for their initial product launch. Comparing more that 120 recipes and 40 combinations with 80 qualities, we distilled 80,000 engagements down to the top 10 recipes. With their launch, Dobry was recognized by Forbes as a Top 5 Brand in their “50 Best Russian Brands, All Categories.” Today 1 in 5 Russians drinks Dobry and 42% identify it as their preferred brand over all other juices.

Localization and Translation

Automated and AI translation is easy to recognize by your customers and conveys your lack of investment in them. Instead, let’s build lasting impressions that support deep, long-term relationships through quality localization.

of consumers who don’t speak and can’t read English won’t buy from an English website
Average daily sales increase by 68% regionally by localizing in-app text

Case study

Analyzing in-app text localization for a popular security app (NDA), we identified 3 key areas in which poor translation was leading to dropped carts in 2 important languages. By improving in-app translations we increased completed transactions by 13%.

Online Campaign Design, Strategy, & Execution

We will help you meet your sales goals through a data-informed marketing strategy, multichannel branded assets, and ad management. We’re so confident in the methods we use to optimize the process that we will guarantee the RoI.

More than 90% of data-driven companies are focused on understanding the target customer through audience segmentation
Audience segmentation leads to a 14% increase in open rate and a 101% increase in click-throughs in email newsletter campaigns

Case study

Our 2017 Black Friday campaign for the HotSpot Shield Affiliate Program brought in >$50K in under a week. 70% of sales were driven by desktop rather than mobile banners and 96% of those came from networked rather than individual Affiliates, helping us focus future efforts on building relationships with network-affiliated, desktop-friendly publishers.

Social Media Strategy

Social media can and should be used to learn everything possible about users in order to generate insights and most importantly, increase sales. Direct messaging increases customer advocacy by up to 25% and brands should shift their social media strategy from simple promotional posting (96%) to direct engagement (4%).

Nearly 70% of consumers use social media when reaching out to brands, but brands are engaging less than 11% of the time
72% of marketers attribute their success to their carefully planned and documented, audience-focused, social media strategy

Case study

LubbDubb is a fitness marketplace for freelance fitness professionals. With our one-month Instagram campaign for LubbDubb we earned double the projected revenue and increased weekly active users on the platform by 40% through a direct messaging campaign for the audience segment with the highest open rate in the email newsletter.

Influencer Campaign Management

By incorporating influencers into your larger campaigns, we will broaden your reach and convert new audiences. Let us introduce you to high-impact influencers, or tell us who you’d like to work with and we will handle the rest.

For every $1 spent on influencer campaigns, companies are earning an ave $7.65
Influencer marketing generates 11x the revenue of traditional marketing

Case study

With Simple Wine we launched an influencer campaign to encourage millennials to create and share content for the brand, helping increase brand recognition with young audiences. Simple received vibrant and attractive content from millennial influencers in their local geos, reaching upwards of 171,400 regional viewers and generating 11,350 direct brand engagements.


1.8 Million new pages are published every 24 hours, but only 5.7% of them will rank in Google within a year of being published. 94.3% of landing pages will never see a single visitor. The difference between these pages and 6.7% who will is SEO.

Websites on the first page of Google see 90% of internet traffic
Conversion rates for optimized pages are 200% higher than those without proper SEO

Case study

Working for the client’s SEO manager, we created more than 20 landing pages and 6 engagement tools translated in 12 languages, to help Hotspot Shield rank for its most significant keyphrase- what is a VPN?, a query with a 60.5K search volume and 143M results. Within 4 months, the client moved from page 6 to page 1 in Google.

Ad Optimization

Which audiences are likely to spend the most for your product, which platforms can you reach them on, what messages resonate with them, and what will trigger their purchase? That’s what we’ll learn with our Lean approach to ad optimization (growth hacking). Never waste time and money on campaigns that don't convert.

decrease in cost per lead over traditional methods
increase in ROI in the first year of adoption

Case study

In a two-week online campaign for top selling VPN app Betternet, we were able to reduce the average Cost Per Install by 64% with a $5000 ad spend across twentysix creatives, four geographies, and five audience segments.

Localization and Contextual Research

Translation ignores the subtle differences in values placed on words across languages. In Japan, ‘confidence’ comes from the feeling that all is well, while in Hong Kong, ‘confidence’ is derived from access to exclusive information. Instill your audience with confidence in your brand’s ability to meet global needs with high-quality contextual research and localization.

If your customers are outside the US, strategically optimizing with proper contextual research can yield great results:

increase in impressions
increase in conversions
decrease in cost per click

Case study

The ‘Share a Coke’ campaign received multiple awards and the Creative Effectiveness Lion Awards at Cannes. But not all the attention was positive. The initial launch featured Western names, and vocal fans took to social media to complain. To quash the backlash, we analyzed 1 year of global social data with 720,000 brand mentions, combined with 22,000 online complaints, to produce a second round of 50 names, representing a more international demographic specific to Coke fans. Ad agency Ogilvy estimated that the campaign increased Coke's market share by 4% and increased consumption by young adults by 7%.

Analytics and Reporting

Let us track the ongoing health of your brand and gather meaningful data to inform decision making.

For every $1 spent on analytics and business intelligence, companies are earning an ave $13
Tracking even a single KPI (ex: Net Promoter Score) can lead to:
increase in reach
increase in sales
increase in repeat purchase behavior

Case study

International delivery service SPSR Express found their brand reputation declining as a result of complaints in social media. Analyzing 5000 complaints in 35,000 social media mentions, we were able to compile a list of 24 key business problems and report them to SPSR. With their improved business processes and brand reputation, SPSR was then acquired by DPD in 2017.

Market Research and Social Listening

Customers are talking about your brand, are you listening? Let us monitor social media discussions on your brand promises, SEO keywords, and even your competitors, finding opportunities to improve marketing efforts and meet the customer needs that drive sales. Social listening allows you to increase revenue by improving your products and services moment-to-moment in response to actual customers and competitors.

reduction in the cost of competitive research with social listening
Increase sales by 3x by testing content assets in social prior to running paid ads

Case study

Gen Z community Z Buzz shares trending stories followed by the Gen Z audience, but sourcing content was wasting time and resources. We were able to identify the top performing content sources matching the most engaged audience segments, cutting the time it took to research and identify trending stories within their target demographic, and increasing click-through rates by 84%.

User Testing

Don’t wait until after you’ve launched to learn what your customers think of your products and campaigns. Let us share your assets with users in your target audience to see how they’ll perform, and make adjustments prior to launch so that you perform as you intend and reach your goals.

Apply user testing to your buyer’s journey to:

reduce dropped carts by 20%
reduce support calls by 14%
triple your conversion rates

Case study

Time on page was a KPI for a recent mobile build-out. In user testing, we found that the hamburger menu was the go-to method for users to find content, rather than the scroll that had been anticipated. By removing the menu, time on page increased prior to launch by nearly 60%, after which 11% of users who spent >30 secs, shared the content they read or watched.


Mandi Bateman, Founder, LubbDubb

“Zero Gravity helped grow our user base and implement programs that are now the keystone for success on our platform. They effectively and successfully managed all marketing programs for our startup using data-driven metrics that helped us find product market fit.”

Brent Minderler, Product Marketing Manager, AnchorFree

“Working with you all has been a pleasure and we’re often impressed with how quickly you’re able to deliver without sacrificing quality.”

Brian Peters, Hailey Griffis, Buffer

“Huge shoutout to Zero Gravity... They helped us with everything from ideation to creation to launch and honestly their team was a dream to work with.”

“What I really loved about working with Zero Gravity is that they support female founders and women entrepreneurs!”

Vivian Faustino- Pulliam, Faculty and Program Lead, Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation

“It is rare to find someone who will spend this amount of time and resources to live up to their promise of making a difference and give back to society. Zero Gravity goes beyond rhetoric and lip service.”

What We Can Do For You



Are you looking for data to drive your product launch because you're ready to introduce your product to an enthusiastic and motivated market?
We recommend The Beta Package:
  • Audience segmentation
  • Market research and competitive analysis
  • Demographics and trends
  • Platforms & channel testing
Investment: $1K (includes $500 ad spend)
Timeline: 2 weeks
Results you’ll see:

You know who your target audience is, but who will pay the most, which features are most valuable to them, on what platforms will they buy, responding to which brand messages? Learn all this and more and be ready to launch.

Add these a la carte services

to catalyze growth: Graphic design and branding


Are you looking for content that excites engaged buyers because you're ready to generate massive buzz about your product or service?
We recommend The Launch Package:
  • 500 qualified leads
  • Editorial calendar and content
  • Go to market strategy (priorities and KPIs for user acquisition)
  • PR / Media Tool Kit
Investment: $3.5K (includes $500 ad spend)
Timeline: 1 month
Results you’ll see:

With your audience demographics confirmed, you're ready to for hot leads - 500+ customers who are excited to buy your product. But how to foster a relationship that builds brand loyalty and keeps them coming back for more? The launch package prepares you for major audience traction.

Add these a la carte services

to catalyze growth: Social media content creation, Graphic design and branding


Are you looking for viral customer acquisition because you're ready to capture the attention of serious investors?
We recommend The Traction Package:
  • MVP Validation
  • User Testing
  • Content Production & Automation- social media, newsletters, campaigns
  • Referral Program
  • Testimonials
  • Analytics & A/B testing
  • Updated pitch deck
Investment: $6K (includes $1000 ad spend)
Timeline: 2 months
Results you’ll see:

So your product is out in the market, but have you found product-market-fit? If your product blows up for a month and then fizzles out, the answer is 'not yet!'. Working with your early audience, we'll identify brand evangelists - users who can help improve your initial offering and share it with their loyal following. With 100% month-over-month growth, you'll be prepared to scale your business for major revenue.

Add these a la carte services

to catalyze growth: Video production and animation, Social media content creation, Graphic design and branding


Are you looking for a laser-focused execution of an omni-channel sales strategy because you're ready to grow your revenue exponentially?
We recommend The Scale Package:
  • User Acquisition
  • Sales Funnel Mapping
  • High Growth Campaign to:
    • – Increase the Lifetime Customer Value (LCV)
    • – Decrease the Cost per Aquisition (CPA)
  • Retention Program
Investment: $10K
Timeline: 3 months
Results you’ll see:

Your early days can feel like drinking from a fire hose, but eventually opportunities become clear, which is when you're ready to scale. We'll decrease your cost of user acquisition by up to 50% and optimize your total web presence for paid and organic traffic. Then we'll follow that by plugging the holes in your funnel that continue to lead to missed opportunities, like dropped carts. With your sales processes revamped for high efficiency, you'll see massive increases in your brand's revenue.

Add these a la carte services

to catalyze growth: Influencer management, Video production and animation, Social media content creation, Graphic design and branding


Are you looking for high-potential global markets
because you're ready to scale your product or service internationally?
We recommend The Global Package:
    • √ Localization
    • √ Branding
    • √ Marketing
    • √ Product
Investment: Estimate provided based on amount of content to be localized, number of languages, regions, and associated costs.
Timeline: Variable
Results you’ll see:

You know your product is hot in the US, and now you're ready to launch in global markets with the potential to double your sales. But 87% of consumers who don't speak and can't read English won't buy from an English website, and translation alone won't cut it. Automated and AI translation is easy to recognize by your customers and conveys your lack of investment in them. Instead, build lasting impressions that support deep, long-term relationships through quality localization. We’ve seen average daily sales increase by 68% regionally by localizing in-app text alone.

What We’ve Done

Zero Gravity Agency is sister agency to Gravity Social Asset Management, a global leader in market research, social media strategy, and brand reputation management. Gravity helps established brands to launch new products into existing markets and existing products into new markets. At Zero Gravity, we retool these processes and services to support US-based startups, from launching their products to scaling their business. Scroll through our case studies to better understand how our solutions help brands build engaged communities around their products, applying services from content creation to social listening, campaign management, and more.

Our clients

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Who We Are

At Zero Gravity, we push emerging brands to new heights by connecting you and your audience with custom marketing solutions. We provide quality and experience at affordable rates to meet the needs of growing businesses.

Every flight plan is unique.
This is an exciting time and we have the opportunity to map new terrain. We are venturing where no one has gone before.

Travel at the speed of trust.
We are innovating quickly in a constantly changing world. Together we can reach our destination by traveling at the speed of trust.

Be a good captain.
A good captain takes 100% responsibility, 100% of the time. As mission leaders we acknowledge fear and attend to the team’s morale, plan appropriately, communicate the plan clearly, listen to feedback, and use our resources wisely.

Be a good flight instructor.
For many of our clients, this is their first trip to the stars. We expect that you are an expert in your field, which likely means that you’re not an expert in marketing and PR. As good flight instructors we will teach you all we can so that you can make informed decisions about your marketing and PR strategies.

Be a good student.
Each client has something to teach us and being open to your wisdom and judgement will put us in the best possible place to support your work.

Be a good team member.
Every role is meaningful and everyone’s work is worthy of respect and gratitude. We show up and suit up every day and are ready to support any project, initiative, or need.

Sure, Zero Gravity can manage your marketing materials, but we can do so much more. If you’ve been thinking about marketing and PR as a line item on a tiny budget, rather than an integral part of your business plan, let’s talk.

From designing your first pitch deck to the publicity for your IPO, we think of ourselves as your brand’s first marketing department. We are team players, so we welcome the opportunity to work with you and everyone else you’ve brought on board, including other agencies. We are happy to attend meetings with your larger team so that your marketing and PR strategy are in line with the rest of the company goals.

Zero Gravity was founded in 2017 by Drow Dvorkin, Anton Noginov, and Lauren M Taylor.

Zero Gravity is a sister-agency to Gravity Social Asset Management, a global leader in market research, social media strategy, and brand reputation management. With over ten years in the industry and more than 50 employees worldwide, Gravity is a recognized pioneer in digital marketing. Zero Gravity was launched in 2018 to serve US clients building new brands and to help those brands achieve lift-off. We leverage Gravity’s decade of experience with large companies to help you achieve big results too.

We are a fully distributed team with partners in North and South America, Europe and Asia. Being distributed in this way allows us to take care of our families, make our art, take our bands on tour, go to school, travel, and live our best lives.

Being distributed saves our clients time and money as we work around the clock and in regions with much lower costs of living. We are able to pass on that savings to our clients and can turn projects around in half the time it would take locally.

If you are interested in joining the Gravity team, you do not need to live near an existing partner, just reach out and introduce yourself.

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