Zero Gravity is a sister-agency to Gravity Social Asset Management, a global leader in market research, social media strategy, and brand reputation management. With over ten years in the industry and more than 50 employees worldwide, Gravity is a recognized pioneer in digital marketing. Zero Gravity was launched in 2018 to serve US clients building new brands and to help those brands achieve lift-off. We leverage Gravity’s decade of experience with large companies to help startups achieve big results too.


Your website is the visual foundation for your company’s brand. While your marketing materials grab attention and compel people to take action, your website design is what determines whether or not they will make a purchase, with mobile being the most common way to view. Around 70% of people base their trust in a business on the design of its website. To grow that trust, we can build your company’s website, A/B test multiple landing page designs to increase engagement, and we can customize a Website Management Package for your needs.

Our team has designed and developed more than 1000 landing pages for 25+ clients. We have the capacity to design and code websites to fill any project’s scope, including robust back-end builds for extensive user engagement and data collection, e-commerce, technical integrations across platforms, and more. Get a one-of-a-kind website built for your target audience. With SEO and analytics tools built into the design from day one, you’ll never miss a potential customer.


Your digital marketing campaign includes the components of your marketing strategy that move you toward meeting your marketing goals online. The campaign is time-bound and has specific Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) to help you measure the success of your initiative.

Let us support your strategy, create multichannel branded assets, manage ads, and optimize the process with a guaranteed ROI.

Our 2017 Black Friday campaign for the HotSpot Shield Affiliate Program brought in >$50K in under a week with a single landing page and ten banner options for Affiliate partners.


Prepare your product and marketing assets for international audiences with white-glove service performed by human translators from your chosen geographies. Localization is more than just translating text, it’s preparing your messaging in ways that best resonate with the communities you want to reach.

Automated and AI translation is easy to recognize by your customers and conveys your lack of investment in them. Instead, build lasting impressions that support deep, long-term relationships through quality localization within your apps, online platforms, marketplaces, social media, ads, and digital communications. We can support any language including regional dialects and have extensive experience in more than 22 global geographies.


Social media is a constantly evolving method for reaching new audiences, building loyal followers, and generating product awareness, but it can do so much more. Social media can and should be used to learn everything possible about users in order to generate insights that improve messaging, targeting, product roadmaps, and most importantly, increase sales.

With our one-month Instagram campaign for LubbDubb we earned double the projected revenue and increased weekly active users on the platform by 40%.


Video was identified as a social media mega-trend in 2017, and the prediction has played out, resulting in a 99% increase of branded video views on YouTube and 258% on Facebook. Videos shared on Twitter are more than 6X more likely to be retweeted. Video has incredible power to engage audiences on social media and can tell the story of your brand in ways that generate meaningful emotional connections.

Zero Gravity has produced more than 50 videos for clients, adapted to be shared across Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, LinkedIn and Snapchat. We’ve done live shoots with professional actors and man-on-the-street style interviews with the public. We handle everything from location scouting and permitting to hiring actors, writing scripts and storyboards, and post production editing and animation. With our first video in the Teens Teach Tech series for Hotspot Shield, we reached 1.8M+ organic views in just under one month.


Video can be a great tool for storytelling, connecting to users on an emotional level, and animation can offer the additional benefit of educating viewers in the process, with informational motion graphics for step-by-step instructions, explainers, idea maps, and more.

From a financial perspective, animation is a great investment. By turning simple pictures into captivating videos, you can greatly reduce the cost of production while increasing the selling power of the branded asset. Video ads have the highest click-through rates of any content type, and infographics have the highest share-rates. Combining the two content types gives you an incredible ROI!


Taking your product to market and onboarding new customers requires careful planning and an iterative strategy. If you’ve spent months, or years, developing your product, you’ve thought about the potential audiences, but where can you find them, how much will they pay, and what will be the demand at launch? Ad optimization can do more than generate sales, it can help you to evolve your messaging, pricing, and traction channels.

Using growth hacking to rapidly iterate across your marketing channels, development pipeline, audience segments, and other areas of product, we can identify the most cost-effcient ways to acquire new users and increase sales.

The shared goal behind both digital marketing and growth hacking is the focus on creative problem solving, experimentation, and measurement, in order to meet your marketing goals. In a two-week online campaign for Betternet, we were able to reduce the average Cost Per Install by 64% with a $5000 ad spend across twentysix creatives, four geographies, and five audience segments.


Tap into high-potential niche audiences otherwise outside your brand’s reach by connecting with thought leaders and domain authorities.

Influencers can have a great ROI with outcomes, on average, showing $6.85 in earned media value for every $1 of paid media. With Simple Wine we launched an influencer campaign to encourage millennials to create and share user-generated-content for the brand, helping it to increase brand recognition with young audiences and create marketing assets that will continue to resonate with the target demographic. Simple received vibrant and attractive content from millennial influencers in their local geos, reaching upwards of 171,400 regional viewers and generating 11,350 direct brand engagements.


Branding is the development of your audience’s perception of your company. It is about more than just logo design, it is establishing a reputation that leads to customer trust and loyalty. We offer both deep branding, which includes market research and focus groups, as well as basic branding, which includes a Brand Style Guide with logos, fonts, color schemes, aesthetic styles, use cases, and messaging.

Developing brand loyalty has incredible ROI. An increase in customer retention of just 5% can increase profits by 25-125% with a 43% higher ARR at year 5 and 118% higher at year 10. While the chance of converting a new prospect may be 5% to 20%, converting an existing customer is much easier, at a rate of 60%-70%!

Launched in 2016, The Science of Social Media is Buffer’s weekly podcast for small businesses. With a 4.5 star rating in iTunes, Buffer was highly invested in retaining and growing their podcast subscribers with a new look that would better convey the value of data shared in The Science of Social Media. Since their rebranding, the podcast listenership has grown from 20-30K weekly, a 66% year-over-year increase in weekly listeners.